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I think I have fallen in love with this girl but there is no future for us if the whole family make us out to be criminals. Hunter Biden, who has admitted that he’s in a romance with his dead brother’s widow, reportedly is demanding that his wife turn over any evidence of HER cheating on him during their marriage!But Hunter has been in a year-long relationship with Hallie, the widow of his late brother Beau, who died tragically of brain cancer in 2015.Their father, former Vice President Joe Biden, touched the hearts of Americans when he revealed his intense grief after Beau’s death.

But Hunter’s lawyer, Sarah Mancinelli, argued in the divorce filing that Kathleen needs to get a job herself: “Ms.

Kathleen claimed in her legal docs that Hunter spent more than 0,000 on hookers, drugs, and a dark secret life, Radar learned.

According to the court papers, Kathleen contended Hunter spent 2,000 in just two months.

It was all a bit of a joke at first but I suddenly realised I found her really attractive and we got closer.

After a while we went up to the spare room, where she was staying, and we had wonderful sex.

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It was cold as we chatted so I put my arm round her.

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