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For the past 10 years he has been the Executive Director of the United States Rugby Foundation, a non-profit 501 c 3 charitable organization, providing support to youth and high school rugby throughout the United States. The following year, the first Inter-Territorial Tournament (ITT) was held, matching the best players from the four USARFU territories to compete for selections to the Eagles.

During his college years Langenberg developed into an avid player and fan of rugby, as well as an assistant coach of the Princeton team.

Kevin Higgins 1962-1996 Played his first game for the United States while still a junior in college.

From 2001 to 2006 Emil coached the USA U-23 Women Sevens, competing against 7 senior All-Star teams.

In 1988, he led OSU to two final four spots, posting 3rd place finishes in 19.

Reynolds West Side High School, a last-chance school for students who dropped out of the system multiple times.

“When I joined the MIT Rugby Club I didn’t know a scrum from a lineout.

He wanted a team for his youngest son to play on and therefore opted to continue the Ashton Club team, a combination of Rio, Jesuit, and El Camino High School players.It's very important to use pictures on your website to bring up the main concepts of your website. Search engines understand the pictures by their alt tags.If there is no alt tag, search engine doesn't understand anything from the image.You should not have too much external links on your website.Other wise this will affects your website negatively.

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