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In the example we use we will first look at the currently site that the users has setup in the trusted site list (com).

Now you will be need to select “Administrators (built-in)” from the group name as this always selects the built-in administrators group even if you have renamed it to obfuscate the name of the admin account. Tick both “Delete all member users” and “Delete all member groups”.

The “Members” option was really good at cleaning up those rogue members of the local admin group but its was also really hard to setup as you had to have a new group policy every time you wanted a different list of members in local group on a computer.

The “Members Of” option was a lot easier to maintain as you could layer multiple group policies on top of each other but this normally resulted in just adding another layer of group to the pile of groups that were already in the local administrators group.

However it’s a little complicated as the URL that is in the Site to Zone mapping is actually stored as the name of the key.

Finally the protocol is the registry value with a number that assigns it to the corresponding zone.

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So how do you give a users full admin access to a computer but stop them from adding more people to the local admin group on a computer? This option had two modes one called “Members” option which I also call the “Iron Fist” mode and the other “Members Of” option which is much gentler.

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