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It’s her first full season in the Intelligence Unit, and Marina said that Burgess is continuing to evolve the more time she spends upstairs.“Someone asked me if I would be as nice as Kim on the streets if I was a cop, and I was like I hope so,” she reflected.So far my baby girl has "given" me lots of diaper changes for #Mothers Day. We'll see.#itsallsonew #messymom #Pampers Partner #learningasigo #newmom #beautifulmess #newborn #nevergrowup #parenthood #learningcurve #diapersgalore #happy #3generations #pampers Moms @pampersus A post shared by Marina Squerciati (@marinasqu) on The bold and exclusive detective is pretty coy about her personal life and chooses to keep it under the radar. #Burzek #dundun #heavyheart #everythingchanges #expectnothing #Wolfpack #Chicago PD @julesfrank A post shared by Marina Squerciati (@marinasqu) on Well, the secrecy of the actress is making all her fans crazy but we hope she'll soon disclose the information of her married life.Sources report that she's already married, but the identity of her husband is yet to be revealed. Born and raised in New York City, NY, USA, Marina Squerciati is one of the talented American actresses in the industry.But still, who wouldn’t love to peek the personal life of the famous leading lights?Well, our today’s contender is Officer Kim Burgess from Chicago P. Marina Squerciati, who portrayed the character of Kim Burgess is very popular for keeping her personal life low-key.

Trying to look tough, because this Wednesday's episode is so rough.

“I just feel you’re tested in a way, like Jesse [Lee Soffer]’s about to be tested in an incredible way.

I feel like sublimating who you are and having to make decisions that you wouldn’t really make?

But I would love to work with him more.” What else would she like to see Kim Burgess do before season 5 ends?

“I honestly think that I would like to go undercover,” she told us.

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