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Angier March Perkins, the second son of Jacob Perkins, was 21 when, in 1821, he sailed from America with the rest of his family to join his father, Jacob Perkins, in the large upper rooms at 69 Fleet Street, London.

For some time he was associated with his father in developing both the engraving of banknotes and the use of high pressure steam.

George the Martyr Church in Queens Square, Bloomsbury, and shortly thereafter the couple started housekeeping at 21 Great Coram Street, near Brunswick Square.

This location was about half a mile north of Angier Perkins' office in Harpur Street and about equal distance south of the Gray's Inn Road premises which Jacob Perkins occupied about this time for the continuation of his steam engine Business.

Other works by Telford include the Menai Suspension Bridge (1819-1826) and the Katherine's Docks (1824-1828) in London. He was responsible for rebuilding the Shrewsbury to Holyhead road and the North Wales coast road between Chester and Bangor.

During his life, Telford built more than 1,000 miles of road, including the main road between London and Holyhead.

Angier, however, is not listed in the London Directory at all until 1838 when the following appears: Perkins- Angier March, engineer, Patent Hot-water Apparatus Manufactory, 6 Francis Street, Regent's Square, Gray's Inn Road".

and thus continued long after Jacob's death in 1849".

Everything seemed to point to the obvious conclusion that all the necessary work was farmed out or wholly made by some recognized engineering firm to Perkins' special order.

There is some confusion regarding the various premises used by Jacob Perkins and his son, Angier at this time.

"Jacob Perkins, his Inventions, his Times and his Contemporaries" by Bathe, a limited edition (200 copies), produced by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 1943, attempts to throw some light on this: (It will be noted that this letter, written by Jacob Perkins, was sent from 4 Harpur Street, which was the business address of Angier March Perkins, who had that year left Fleet Street to start his own career as a heating and steam engineer There is no indication that the Perkins' manufactory at Regent's Park or the newer premises near Gray's Inn Road were provided with the necessary machine tools capable of making his (Jacob Perkins) steam engines and generators.

James's Palace, the Old Bailey, the Guildhall and in St. A Perkins Patented heating system was also installed to prevent freezing of the hydraulic system that opens and closes Tower Bridge in London.

It was left to Angier March to make a commercial success of this line of business.

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