Woman dating man 2016 email contacts

She will not mind polishing his shoes, and he id not bothered by requests to pick up some groceries on the way home.

Degree of Marriage: This is a good combination for domestic bliss.

Sex: Love making with these two is a beautiful combination of body and soul.

What is lacking in quantity will be made up for in quality.

Each is genuinely interested in being there for the other.

Degree of Passion: Substitute the word sensuality for passion and this pair is off the charts.

They are likely to enjoy soft breezes, fragrant smells, and beautiful settings rather than a fiery rush to the finish line.

The strongest points of the relationship are comfort and comfortableness.

Both partners look at relationships and home as a haven from the hardships of the world and favor a minimum of friction.

He’ll enjoy being useful and appreciate being thought of as someone who knows how the world works.

Degree of Romance: She will remain romantic forever, but he will quickly settle into routine and sentimentality, such as celebrating birthdays and Valentine’s Day in expected ways.

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